Sunspot Viper


Sunspot Viper

A new level in hunting light technology. It’s been a while since Sunspot has introduced a new hunting light, we have been waiting on new technology to bring you an improvement over what we have done in the past. The VIPER is just that, double the burntime, a brighter red and the walk light is in a class of its own. Nothing even comes close including anything we have done in the past.

5 1/2 to 6 hours burn time on high main beam

35 hours Medium

100 hours on low

XL technology natural color Double walk light, nothing in the industry even comes close.

12 hours high side

100 hours low side


15 hours high side

120 hours low side

Green laser

20 oz on a bump cap

Lifetime warranty


Sunspot Viper Bump Cap Coon Hunting Light

Lights that can be used for coon hunting, predator hunting, duck hunting, farm work, kennel care, and taking to dog out at night

SunSpot offers a full lifetime warranty.  The warranty covers all manufacturers issues on the light for life but they do not cover any lights that show evidence of tampering. Shipping is covered for two year, after two years include ten dollars for return shipping. Shipping payment must be included with light. Sunspot accepts cash, check or money order.

The hat is not covered under warranty.

All chargers have a two year warranty.

Please provide a note with your name, number, email and return address.

Ship all SunSpot warranty issues to their Return Address:
SunSpot Lights 209 South Grand Ave Mcrae AR 72102


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Belt Light, Bump Cap Light, Soft Hat Hunting Light