Sunspot Sniper


This hunting light has the option of a cool green laser!

6 Hour burn time on High Beam

Natural Main Beam

Green Laser

Lifetime Warranty


Sunspot Sniper Bump Cap Coon Hunting Light

Sunspot’s Sniper Hunting Light the Brightest light and laser  THE SUNSPOT Sniper!

Sunspot’s Sniper  Hunting Light By Sunspot. Sniper coon hunting light has the brightest main beam, brightest walking light and colors. You get 2 LED lights and each has a choice of three colors and each color has 3 LED lights  red, three amber and three white walking LED’s that use top quality optics. It is perfectly balanced with the switch on the head. The head is all one piece so the colors and walking light do not cause shadows like they do when an attachment is used. It has great burn times and everything operates off of one switch
Sunspot also upgraded the LEDS in the light and laser to shine 40% brighter than the Sunspot Rage. The Sniper hunting spot light covers the whole tree -no matter what color you are using to spot the raccoon in the tree. The walking light allows you to see a wide path so you aren’t tripping all over the woods. And the burn time is amazing.
Then they upgraded the batteries and boosted the power. And then with a REAL lifetime warranty.

What else do you want? oh how about a laser?

Sunspot’s Sniper Hunting Light now comes with the option of including a high beam laser light within the spotlight
The Extreme Rage can now be purchased with a laser. There is No extra attachment to hold because the laser is inside the spot when you shine. It does operate from a different switch on the side of the battery box. So it can be turned on or off with any position of the light.

Burn times are:

6 Hour burn time on High Beam

Natural Main Beam

Green Laser

Lifetime Warranty

Lights that can be used for coon hunting, predator hunting, duck hunting, farm work, kennel care, and taking to dog out at night

SunSpot offers a full lifetime warranty.  The warranty covers all manufacturers issues on the light for life but they do not cover any lights that show evidence of tampering. Shipping is covered for two year, after two years include ten dollars for return shipping. Shipping payment must be included with light. Sunspot accepts cash, check or money order.

The hat is not covered under warranty.

All chargers have a two year warranty.

Please provide a note with your name, number, email and return address.

Ship all SunSpot warranty issues to their Return Address:
SunSpot Lights 209 South Grand Ave Mcrae AR 72102


Additional information

Laser Hunting Light

Green Laser, No Laser

Hunting Light Style

Belt Light, Bump Cap Light, Soft Hat Hunting Light