NiteTime Raffle Ticket


NiteTime’s Weekly Raffle Ticket for the Garmin Alpha 100 tt15 combo!!

ONLY 35 spots offered! $25.  a ticket

Win a FANTASTIC piece of hunting equipment in our raffle, enter as many times as you would like. Then check facebook or here for winners! New prizes will be announced after the live facebook drawing of current prize of Garmin Alpha 100 tt15 combo!!

Now you will get a receipt for the raffle payment, and then a confirmation for the drawing with the time – it will be live on facebook.

Winner will be announced on the live facebook drawing and notified by email! You don’t have to be present to win but if you are then there is a bonus of hearing your name mentioned as the raffle winner!


NiteTimes Weekly Raffle Ticket is the Garmin Alpha 100 tt15 combo!!