Banixx Bacterial Fungal Infections


Banixx Bacterial Fungal Infections

Banixx for dog ear infections, dog hot spots.

A good coating of Banixx, throughout the inside of the ear, is required since Banixx works on contact and goes to work immediately. Fortunately, since Banixx is not only an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal for dogs, it will also sooth the damage caused to ear caused by intense scratching. Banixx doesn’t cause any discomfort. You can use even Banixx up to three times daily, and it won’t harm their eyes if it should accidentally get in them. The best thing about Banixx is the fact that it is very effective at treating the infection. Moreover, it can be used regularly to keep the infection from coming back. A cotton ball that is saturated with Banixx can be used gently on the inside of the ear canal to clean it and/or treat it. As long as the Banixx solution comes in contact with the infected area, it will do the job

It also works on ringworm.

  1. Spray Banixx liberally to your dog’s affected area using disposable gloves (so that you don’t get ringworm). Banixx must make direct contact with the dog’s ringworm area to be effective.
  2. Apply two to three times daily on your dog’s affected area for several days, or as needed. Ringworm treatment may last as long as 2-3 weeks, so, be patient, it’s not a quick fix

and Mange
How to Treat Mange in Dog with Banixx

Treatment for mange requires a dual approach.  You need…

  1.  An anti-parasitic medication (obtained from your vet) to kill the mites that cause the mange.
  2.  Banixx Pet Care to treat the the open sores and rashes caused by your dog’s endless scratching because of these pesky, itchy mites.

And Wrinkle Infections or other yeast skin infections

How to apply Banixx to your dog’s wrinkle/skin fold infections

Although Banixx may be sprayed directly onto your pet without risk of harm, for wrinkles it may be better to apply Banixx with a piece of sterile gauze or cotton heavily dampened with Banixx.  Gently separate each fold and apply the wet gauze/cotton so that the area is thoroughly saturated with Banixx.  Banixx needs to make good contact to be effective. It’s preferable to treat your dog’s wrinkles with Banixx twice a day until the infection dissipates.

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